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By Kevin Northover. ISBN 1 899246 50 9. Softback, 172 pages. Price £ 9.95.

The Great War of 1914-18 came to be known as such because it was different from all wars that had gone before. Not only for the dreadful effects of mechanisation in weaponry but for the huge armies that amassed in France and Belgium. It became great because it was the people’s war, through volunteers, then later with conscription, whilst those that remained on the home front spent long hardworking hours in the armament factories. Every community in the nation was affected from city to village. After the war mighty memorials with hundreds of names compared with the small village crosses, with perhaps only a few dozen, clearly demonstrating how it had reached nearly every doorstep in the nation.

Kevin Northover has compiled and written a history to show its effects on the town of Banbury, it probably varied little in every other community. It is exhaustively researched and illustrated with around 150 photographs and contains a `Roll of Honour’ containing hundreds of names of soldiers drawn from Banbury and the surrounding area. This is an inspiring and often deeply moving account of bravery, suffering and stoicism. Essentially,  for Banbury, it is a valuable contribution to the town’s history.

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